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How do I design my wall using Wall2wall Creations Wall Art?

You can use the Wall Art tool on the website. Please take time to watch the video tutorial that we have provided on the website. It is very easy to upload your own picture or choose from 1000’s of online pictures and patterns. All pictures in the Eagle Creative folder are free for customers. Fotolia and Pattern Design images will be charged and the price will appear when you are in the checkout stage of your purchase. Remember to select images that have similar proportions to your wall. For example if you have a wall that is landscape shape then you would not choose an image that is portrait. Once you finish all that process, we will send you a confirmation as soon as we can.

How to Use Hp Wall Art

1. Add your dimensions to Hp Wall Art. Enter the size of your wall in the dimensions box. Your dimensions need to be in Centimeters. If your mural is going to cover your whole wall we recommend adding 5cm to the height and width for trimming. We deliver the mural in panels, which overlap for easy installation. 2. Layout. Choose from different fixtures and furniture to lay out your room as it is at home. This will give you a feeling of how the room will look taking into account doors, windows and furnishings. 3. Browse our images or choose from 1000’s from Fotolia and Pattern Design. Alternatively you can upload your own. 4. Add to basket and checkout. You can try Wall2wall Creations Designer before buy!